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Break ups, breakdowns and break offs

Oh Lord, it’s all about Jordan and Peter Andre these days isn’t it? Who could have possibly predicted the demise of these two?! Well, apparently anyone who was watching their numerous reality TV shows did. Or saw Pete’s exasperated expression during their last public appearance at the Soap Awards. In any case, within a day […]

Kerry Katona: what the fu*k?

It’s very, very difficult to resist having a pop at Kerry Katona. She just makes it so easy, and she hit the jackpot again recently when it emerged that she had finally seen the light and dumped her rotten husband Mark Croft. The first hint that all was not well was when she changed her […]


So Jessica Simpson has gained weight. Is she fat, or is she merely curvy? Well, there’s the million dollar question and the answer depends on who you’re talking to.

Sound biting season

With Christmas behind us, ’tis the season to be sound biting.

The gates of wrath

So many gates these days – and we don’t mean the ones at the front of your house. No, we are referring to Kerry-gate and Manuel-gate, which was when Kerry Katona made a show of herself on national TV and Russell Brand and Jonathon Ross made a show of themselves on national radio. It was […]

Holy Hollywood

Clay Aiken has come out of the closet. Dear God. Snore. This is about as uninteresting as it gets, and why, oh why there was a media furore over the revelation we’ll never know.

Hair today

When we spotted Britney Spears being papped coming out of a Beverly Hills salon recently, we just couldn’t not comment.

Bin the trash

This month it’s all about trash.

Celebs get sillier

The silly season is upon us and celebrities are rising to the occasion.