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Oriflame Royal Velvet

Remember when local ladies would sell beauty products door to door? No? Maybe it’s just me – old bag that I am. Anyhoo…my mother and aunt used to heart Royal Velvet – an Oriflame skin cream that was big back in the ’70s. You could imagine the giddy nostalgia when I got my hands on […]

Osis Dust It

Laziness gets a bad rap. Some of my niftiest ideas come from my armchair/remote control combo or when suffocating my alarm clock at 7am. My most recent ruse for snooze has to be Osis Dust It. This lightweight mattifying powder is the biz for late mornings when your less-than-fresh barnet needs that extra day. Alternatively, […]


Seasonal backlash is an awful bitch. For every moment of festive cheer there’s a blurred memory, sore head and enough under eye bags to make Ryanair leap with joy. And to think, it’s not even February. Fear not. If there’s one product that will fool people into thinking you’ve had eight hours uninterrupted kip, it’s […]

Elemis Moisture Melt

In times of global downturn, it’s reassuring to know there are some beauty products that are made to multitask, writes Solo Beauty editor Annmarie O’Connor. Forget your Boots ‘3-for-2’ deals or Lancome ‘one to be skincare if you want these poxy travel samples’. Elemis has introduced Moisture Melt – an intense hydrating oil made from […]

My daily fix

Solo Beauty editor Annmarie O’Connor (www.iblogfashion.blogspot.com) is a fan of a new product from Clarins….never mind the weather. Despite the ongoing deluge, the wellingtons, the canoe stationed outside my front door, I’m loving Fix Make-Up – a new product from Clarins designed to do..er…exactly that. It”s a bit like Ronseal, save for the fact that […]

SKIN.NY Radical Eye Contour

Some insider tips are too good not to share – especially when it comes to skincare, according to Solo Beauty editor Annmarie O’Connor. My top bet for tired eyes has to be SKIN.NY’s Radical Eye Contour. Made with QAL-100, a little known patented ingredient. SKIN.NY has been proven to improve fine and deep lines, pore […]