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Prim and poppier

Irish female musicians need to fill the gap, writes Shauna Rahman. Irish music is legendary, from the traditional ‘diddleyidle’ tunes to the U2 anthems. Enter a pub in another country, say where you are from and within seconds someone will mention an Irish band, song, singer-songwriter, or how many times they have seen Riverdance. Music […]

Autumn/winter gigs

Solo’s top music slots to help you through those colder months… August Thursday, August 21: Bloc Party supporting the Killers in Marley Park (or as I like to put it – The Killers supporting Bloc Party). September Friday, Saturday, Sunday – September 5, 6 and 7: Cois Farraige. Check out indie rock at its best […]

A portrait of the artist as a young man

Ask anybody and they will know someone who knows Tadhg Cooke – the singer-songwriter whose voice, talent and music is familiar to those who know him and to those who want to. And ask Tadhg Cooke, and he’ll know someone who knows you. Picture the scene: a hazy, lazy day in the Hamptons, Irish students […]

Madness – welcome to their house

Tripod, June 18, 2008 There was nothing about this gig that wasn’t excellent. Held in the Tripod on Harcourt Street (which is a very impressive venue), it was almost an unlikely place for such a band. The Tripod itself is a venue designed to comfortably house the crowd who had joined in the fun. Most […]

A site for sore eyes: Balcony makes Irish music look good

The Sugar Club played host last month (June 20) to Ireland’s funkiest music awards ceremony, which featured live music, ecstatic award winners and the general public who attended for the guaranteed entertainment. The Irish ‘Balcony phenomenon’ is literally bringing television to new heights and the BalconyTV Music Video Awards underlines how far the team from […]

Westlife – boyband or karaoke kings?

Croke Park, June 1, 2008

Stars in their eyes

In a music world where ‘eclectic’, ‘indie’, and ‘the next best thing on the Irish music scene’ are common place in the typical Irish reviewer’s vocabulary, music buffs should go to a star turtle gig just to get the essence of what originality actually stands for. Shauna Rahman takes a look at another great Irish […]