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Dynasty is back – yaaay!

This month’s Solo has a bit of a comeback theme so we were delighted to hear that the ’80s are also back in the guise of Dynasty DVDs. High drama, screeching catfights and giant shoulder pads make a glamorous and more than welcome return when Dynasty Seasons 1 and 2 debut on DVD for the […]

Stick the Lipstick Jungle

It was meant to be the long-awaited successor to Sex and the City. Instead it’s more like something that would sit well among the already over-crowded day-time soap market. Although Lipstick Jungle has just recently made its debut on this side of the Atlantic, the second series has – astonishingly – just begun in the […]

Sex and the City – not a great movie night in

I was so looking forward to it. Believe or not, I never got around to seeing Sex and the City: The Movie on the big screen, not least because I was in Kerry when it came out and the only cinema in the county showing it was in Listowel. No offence or anything, but I […]

Dylan and more

THE LIFE OF DYLAN I’m Not There made waves when it was first released, not least because of Cate Blanchett’s star turn as the film’s subject – Bob Dylan. Academy Award nominated director Todd Haynes delivers this experimental and unconventional journey into the life and times of one of music’s most revered and enigmatic artists. […]

The Coppola restoration

The Godfather and The Godfather: Part II are set to be enjoyed by audiences all over again, thanks to a meticulous restoration by Paramount Home Entertainment, overseen by Coppola himself. Both fully restored films debuted on DVD at the end of May, along with a newly remastered The Godfather: Part III, in The Godfather: The […]