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9 The hook up

Bored with being single? Looking to take a breather while still keeping your independence? Well you might want to investigate the idea of moving someone into your life who you can can hook up with from time to time! Hooking up is such a popular expression now in the US that a book was written […]

8 The one night stand

There’s probably no need to explain this, but for those of you who are a little rusty as to the meaning of this month’s Solo Sabbatical, a one night stand is generally a single sexual encounter between two people, where neither has an expectation or even intention of pursuing any sort of relationship. Perhaps the […]

7 Sex with the ex

It’s Valentine’s and you’re single. And, God forbid, depressed. You mightn’t want a relationship, but neither do you want to be alone on the most romantic (supposedly) day of the year. Just for February 14 you need to take a sabbatical from being solo. All you want is 24 hours and you’ll be grand again. […]

6 The lunge

Anyone that is single and looking for a quick fix solution to getting off the shelf should consider the lunge. It probably won’t bring about a permanent result, but you could get a night of passion out of it if it’s done right. For those of you who are puzzling over what the lunge is, […]

5 Stalking

Whether your desired respite from being single involves a one night stand, a fling or an actual relationship, there is yet another method you can use as the way in which to fulfill these needs – stalking. Yes, it’s controversial, but notoriety aside, how acceptable is it really? Well, that’s a loaded question and it […]

4 The set up

So, you are single and you’re looking to take a break from it. What is the next method we can suggest to you in order to go on this sabbatical? Well, we’ve done the dating agency, speed dating and céilí dancing, so the next one we’re going to look at is the set up. We’re […]

3 Céilí dancing

Continuing our Solo Sabbatical series, Brigid Fitzgerald went to see how a céilí dancing event in Dublin’s Garda Club could unite single folk on the hunt. Well, are ya dancin’? Céilí Amór – the name alone had me curious. And further details only fuelled the fire. According to reports, it involved a casual event where […]

2 Speed dating

Like we said in last month’s issue, Solo is all about promoting the positives of being single. On the other hand, there’s nothing wrong with stepping outside of that solo status every once in a while and we’re here to give you some pointers on how to go about doing just that. So while in […]

1 The dating agency

Here at Solo we are all about promoting the positives of being single. We do understand, however, that nothing in life is static and you might want to take a break from your solo status from time to time. There is nothing wrong with having a sabbatical – in fact we’re here to help you […]