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8 Remembering Doc Martens (and rejoicing at their return)

Let’s play a game of word association, where if I name an item of clothing, you name the music subculture or band it’s come to be identified with. So… Tartan trousers – punk rock and Sex Pistols? School uniform shorts – old school rock and AC/DC? Bling jewellery – rap and 50 Cent? Red bomber […]

7 Remembering shifting

Of all the life defining moments that we experience, everyone remembers their first shift. This, of course, has nothing to do with moving an object or furniture from one side of the room to the other. No, in Ireland, to shift someone was to kiss them open-mouthed. Shifting was what you did during the years […]

6 Remembering leg warmers

A bit like socks – but thicker and usually footless (so not like socks at all really), leg warmers were originally the trademark of ballet and other dancers, who wore them to keep their muscles from cramping after stretching. Which was all well and good until Fame and aerobics came along in the early ’80s […]

5 Remembering the last recessional Christmas

Christmas in the ’80s – back then there was a permanent recession. In fact it was so perennial that we kind of didn’t know any different and were, therefore, pretty content. Fast forward two decades or so and it’s recession time again, albeit in different setting. We’ve had the boom years, the period of affluence […]

4 Remembering 30th Avenue, Astoria, Queens, New York

Solo Looks Back is all about nostalgia and this month’s is a personal glance at the past in Astoria, Queens in New York City. It’s been said that nostalgia used to be a sickness. Now described as ‘a longing for the past, often in idealised form’, it apparently was once an actual illness, which thankfully […]

3 Remembering Cluedo

We couldn’t not pay homage to Cluedo in Solo Looks Back this month – for the simple reason that we’ve just heard some of its stars have been killed off. Yes, killed off. Is that irony? Or just plain cruelty? We’re not sure. But it’s the truth in any case. Yes, our favourite classic murder-solving […]

2 Remembering the Famous Five

What do you get when you mix a pile of tongue and lettuce sandwiches, hard-boiled eggs, potted meat and ripe tomatoes with a great big fruit cake, freshly baked buns and tinned pears? No, not indigestion. The Famous Five of course. Rather! And don’t forget to wash the whole lot down with lashings of ginger […]

1 Remembering Dallas

When it comes to the cult of ’80s soaps, it all kicked off really with Dallas in 1978. OK, so that’s technically not the glamorous decade in question, but it was on the cusp of it and by the time it was indeed 1980 the prime-time TV show that was all about Texas, oil, cattle-ranching […]