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All aboard the MV Cill Airne!

As novelties go, the MV Cill Airne is in a league of its own, Situated on the North Wall Quay, just opposite The Convention Centre at Spencer Dock this boat has more to offer than your typical tavern. Having moved to the Docklands area recently, I was starting to panic at the apparent lack of […]

An afternoon in Kehoe’s

You can’t beat an afternoon pint. Ever. It is simply one of life’s greatest pleasures, especially if you have it in Kehoe’s on South Anne Street in Dublin 2. And I’m sure the punters who frequent this great spot would agree, because the place is never empty of an afternoon. Or evening for that matter. […]

Getting locked in the Crown

No, I didn’t get drunk in one of Belfast’s, and indeed Northern Ireland’s, most famous pubs. I literally got locked into their snug section. Had I been inebriated, I would have used the opportunity to grope my girlfriend, but having reservations in the nearby trendy Apartment I had to relinquish that thought and try to […]

Four Seasons in one afternoon

Pub Crawler raised its standards this month with cocktails (and a pint of Guinness) in a five star hotel. Between Christmas and New Year there lies a lull, which was when we decided to spend a lazy afternoon in the Four Seasons in Ballsbridge. The Lobby Lounge is the kind of place I could spend […]

Kicking off the weekend in O’Donoghue’s

Pub Crawler took in an ordinary Friday evening in the legendary O’Donoghue’s in Dublin 2, which made for an interesting experience. Another Friday night in Dublin, another non appearance from the recession. In fact, the beer garden of O’Donoghue’s on Merrion Row was totally thronged with after-work revellers who, perhaps, fearing the worst in the […]

Pints in the Kingdom

This month Pub Crawler had an interesting experience in a Tralee pub, but it didn’t spoil the pints. When it comes to pubs, Saturday night is a lively one in most towns, and Tralee is no exception. And since the town’s main square (aptly called The Square) was pedestrianised some years ago, that particular spot […]

The Church – holy hell!

This month Pub Crawler stopped off at The Church for a refreshing Saturday afternoon drink, but there was no sign of Jesus turning water into wine. For a place that’s calling itself The Church, there is something remarkably unholy about the café/bar/restaurant/night club on Dublin’s Mary Street. The atmosphere is far from sacred, something we […]

A trip to the Market

There was no sign of the recession when Pub Crawler popped into the Market Bar on a recent Friday evening. It was barely 6pm and hard to find a seat. Suffice to say that the place was hopping. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Going in the door the smell coming from the men’s loos […]

Ranelagh rocks?

Pub Crawler heads to Dublin 6 to see what McSorleys has to offer on a lively Saturday night When it comes to leafy suburbs, Ranelagh in Dublin 6 is right up there with the best of them. Never quite as studenty as neighbouring Rathmines, it nevertheless retains a kind of character that’s not to be […]