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Pints in the Kingdom

This month Pub Crawler had an interesting experience in a Tralee pub, but it didn’t spoil the pints. When it comes to pubs, Saturday night is a lively one in most towns, and Tralee is no exception. And since the town’s main square (aptly called The Square) was pedestrianised some years ago, that particular spot […]

Yummy mummy-ing at Harvey Nicks

This month a childless Table For One got to blend in with Dundrum’s best over lunch at Harvey Nicks. The first thought that hit me when I recently entered Harvey Nichols Cafe in South Co Dublin’s Dundrum Town Centre was ooops, I am not a yummy mummy. I scanned the room and it seemed that […]

The Church – holy hell!

This month Pub Crawler stopped off at The Church for a refreshing Saturday afternoon drink, but there was no sign of Jesus turning water into wine. For a place that’s calling itself The Church, there is something remarkably unholy about the café/bar/restaurant/night club on Dublin’s Mary Street. The atmosphere is far from sacred, something we […]

Railway dining

Table For One doesn’t always eat out in restaurants. In fact it prefers to vary its reviews to include a diversity of dining venues, which is why this month it’s about to tell you all about what it’s like to try and have a meal, courtesy of Irish Rail. Irish Rail has never, of course, […]

A trip to the Market

There was no sign of the recession when Pub Crawler popped into the Market Bar on a recent Friday evening. It was barely 6pm and hard to find a seat. Suffice to say that the place was hopping. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Going in the door the smell coming from the men’s loos […]

Brunch at the Brasserie

Table For One cheated this month, ie dined with some friends instead of eating alone. The idea was Sunday brunch and the venue chosen was Brasserie Sixty6 on Dublin’s George’s Street – a new-ish restaurant that markets itself as ‘stylish, busy and noisy’, which boasts ‘great food and drink, fantastic surroundings, exciting atmosphere and reasonable […]

Funny business on The Farm?

This month’s Table For One is Grainne Burns who dined out in The Farm – an organic eatery on Dublin’s Dawson Street I am over the whole organic fad. I can no longer justify forking out €5 for a bag of carrots simply because the organic tag dominates the packaging. And the joy of scouring […]

Ranelagh rocks?

Pub Crawler heads to Dublin 6 to see what McSorleys has to offer on a lively Saturday night When it comes to leafy suburbs, Ranelagh in Dublin 6 is right up there with the best of them. Never quite as studenty as neighbouring Rathmines, it nevertheless retains a kind of character that’s not to be […]