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Birthday blues

In the absence of that someone special, are aging single people blanking out the issue of their status by organising ‘groupie’ birthday parties? Grainne Burns thinks so. Torn between two lovers is one thing, but torn between two single friends celebrating their birthday on the same weekend is a new kind of heartbreak. With no […]

The ‘never married’ monkier

Being single is one thing, just don’t suggest that the person flying solo is a ‘never married’. If you look up the word ‘single’ in a thesaurus you will learn a lot. Classed as an adjective, the no-beating-about-the-bush definition is ‘without a spouse’, while the less negative synonyms include ‘fancy-free’, ‘footloose’, ‘lone’, ‘sole’, ‘spouseless’, ‘unattached’, […]

Recessional reverberations

Now that the recession is in full swing, the response has been like a domino effect. From Fair City to Ben Dunne we chart our top ten favourite recessional reactions. 1 Tesco slashes prices. Not on everything of course. But what does it matter if the cost of chicken is rising by the day when […]

The only singleton in the family

If the ‘only gay in the village’ thought he had problems in Little Britain, he should try being the only single member of a family obsessed with domestic bliss and my singleton status, writes Eda Grey. I am effectively being punished for my way of life, with everything from babysitting demands to IKEA trips. You […]

Fancy a ride?

I did. And I found a really nice one, says Sylvia Harrison. I didn’t find it by accident. It was more of a long, winding challenge where you end up chasing your tail. The years of child rearing, keeping up with the day job, meeting and maintaining new friends and relationships – is there no […]

Guaranteed Irish

As the so-called recession gallops towards us at an alarming pace, we might be quick to forget the golden era of the Celtic Tiger, when we rose from the ashes of old Ireland to embrace all things international. Sandwiches were replaced with paninis, Maxwell House with cappucinos, and our transformation into a mulicultural society was […]

Organic food – fad or fiction?

The ‘organic’ label seems to be everywhere lately (well, before the recession it was anyway), from the soil-covered potatoes on offer in your local farmers’ market to the chocolate-covered peanuts by the counter in your local Spar. But is this a movement that’s here to stay or is it merely a passing fad, which sat […]

Break up bull

Breaking up is even harder to do because of that thing called the internet, says Emma Barry. With all the technological advancements of late, wouldn’t you think at this stage that some geek could come up with a method of deleting a new ex from the profile page of your preferred social networking site – […]

Wedding weaponry

Weddings – hardly the most likely topic for the first edition of a magazine devoted to celebrating the single status. But just as every romantic comedy couple has its single supporting players, so too every wedding has its best man and bridesmaid. And since the wedding season is now upon us, Brigid Fitzgerald offers some […]

Gaydar’s radar

In these nouveau times of the worldwide web, it’s hard to believe that Gaydar is almost ten years old. So how relevant is it to the modern Irish gay man and woman? With its clever name and extensive target market, the Gaydar website was never going to fail. Launched in November 1999 by South Africans […]