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Time for a selfcession

Oftentimes singles can feel low in the self-esteem department. It can be quite easy to get into a rut of feeling undesirable and throwing the odd pity party what with rag-mags bombarding us with info about relationships, marriage, flings and engagements. It can leave the impression that in order for life to be full, romantic […]

Holiday at home with a staycation

No matter what the product – when it comes to marketing, I’m an advertisers dream. Currently gracing billboards around the country is Moher Man replete with demented expressions. He is currently the face of 7up Free and its campaign to get behind the Cliffs of Moher as one of the seven wonders of nature. I […]

Serial for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Serial dating is everywhere, writes Roberta von Meding, but it’s not the way to go. Throughout history serial dating has been prevalent. The fear of commitment and the need to jump from relationship to relationship is behaviour we have faced for centuries. Both men and women are culprits when it comes to serial dating. Men […]

Credit crunch comebacks

We’ve had the recessional reverberations, now we have credit crunch comebacks – a selection of delights, many of them culinary, that are enjoying something of a revival in these cash-strapped times. Baked beans – nothing says comfort like beans on toast and as recessional victims everywhere seek solace, sales of beans are up. At least […]

The office hook-up

As a self-confessed 20-something male who enjoys his independence, Ed Jones regrets the day he got involved with a colleague and strongly advises against the office hook-up. As the saying goes, never mix business with pleasure. I am not a fan of getting involved with co-workers. It’s not so much the embarrassment of your actions […]

Valentine’s victims – and how not to be one

Even the most resilient singletons can find Valentine’s Day a bit tough. It’s like Christmas and New Year, only worse. At least in December/January you can buy a tree, put up decorations and drink eggnog. Come February, love is in the air and if you’re not not in love, you’re not supposed to join in. […]

The mystery and magic of Blyton

Despite accusations of sexism, elitism and blatant xenophobia, Enid Blyton continues to have an abiding appeal, and was even voted Britain’s best-loved author in 2008. It seems fitting that on the recent 40th anniversary of her death, Enid Blyton was voted Britain’s best-loved writer in a survey months earlier – beating Roald Dahl, JK Rowling, […]

The rise and rise of internet dating

If January is a slow month for cigarettes, alcohol and anything high calorie, it is a boom time for internet dating. At the beginning of the year, the number of people joining online dating sites doubles as this method of finding love becomes more socially acceptable, particularly for the over 30s. It’s all the fault […]

Alarm is set

Despite the recession, Gerry Stembridge’s new film, Alarm, is played out against the backdrop of the Celtic Tiger. Karina Corbett goes to the gala premiere and meets the producers. While Alarm was meant to be a timely commentary on the Celtic Tiger and its far-reaching effects on life for those living in isolation in the […]

Skiing anyone?

It’s not relaxing, costs a small fortune, and your bones ache for a week after, but, despite all this, skiing, or snowboarding for the uber cool, is still holiday to do. Grainne Burns did it, and is preparing to do it again. So apparently if you ski once, you won’t do a sun holiday again. […]