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Welcome to June/July’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 9: June/July 2009 Happy summer to one and all. The June/July issue of Solo-magazine is now live with features this month looking at the two notions of a staycation and a selfcession – there’s nothing like a credit crunch for creating a whole new vocabulary. Meanwhile, a new-ish trend would be the hooking up […]

Welcome to April/May’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 8: April/May 2009 Hello everyone. Belated happy Paddy’s day etc etc and an early happy Easter. The April/May issue of Solo-magazine is now live with features this month looking at the concept of the serial dater (we all know one or two of them) and credit crunch comebacks – those delights, many of them […]

Welcome to February/March’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 7: February/March 2009 Greetings to one and all. February/March’s Solo-magazine – the Valentine’s issue – is now live! And the dominant message is one of love! Well, not quite. But we do have a bit of a love theme going on. After all, it is the month for the most romantic day of the […]

Welcome to January’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 6: January 2009 Hello everyone and happy New Year! It’s a bit late to be saying that now but better late than ever! Ditto with the January issue of Solo – it’s a bit behind schedule again..and a bit slimmer due to contributers being away. This month we look at Enid Blyton and internet […]

Welcome to November/December’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 5: November/December 2008 Welcome to the November/December issue of Solo – a double one considering the season that’s in it – and apologies for the lateness! Although if Solo is late, you’ll all be thrilled to hear that Christmas is early this year, with the tree lights in Dublin being switched on three weeks […]

Welcome to October’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 4: October 2008 Happy October everyone and welcome to the newest issue of Solo-magazine! Summer is well and truly over, and we’re back in action after taking a month off for a variety of reasons. None of them involved us sunning ourselves of course, or spending money. The credit crunch has well and truly […]

Welcome to August/September’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 3: August/September 2008 Hi again everyone! Welcome to the August/September issue of Solo-magazine! Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, for the delay. We know we are very late and we promise that by October we’ll be back on schedule. Blame our tardiness on a combination of people being on hols, the weather and the recession Anyway, […]

Welcome to July’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 2: July 2008 Hi again everyone! Welcome to the July issue of Solo-magazine! This month it’s all about the recession…just kidding! Although there has been so much chitter chatter about the impending doom and gloom that we just had to jump on the bandwagon ourselves! So you will see a few mentions of the […]

Welcome to the very FIRST issue of Solo-magazine!

Issue 1: June 2008 Hello everyone! Welcome to the very first (June) issue of Solo – the online magazine for Ireland’s smartest singles, be they male, female, gay or straight. Here at Solo the philosophy is very simple. It is all about embracing being single. There are too many people out there who buy into […]