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Sylvia Harrison

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Fancy a ride?

I did. And I found a really nice one, says Sylvia Harrison. I didn’t find it by accident. It was more of a long, winding challenge where you end up chasing your tail. The years of child rearing, keeping up with the day job, meeting and maintaining new friends and relationships – is there no […]

Madness – welcome to their house

Tripod, June 18, 2008 There was nothing about this gig that wasn’t excellent. Held in the Tripod on Harcourt Street (which is a very impressive venue), it was almost an unlikely place for such a band. The Tripod itself is a venue designed to comfortably house the crowd who had joined in the fun. Most […]

Builders and the single woman

The best way to deal with a man is through his wife, according to Sylvia Harrison. There is no doubt at all that men and women are completely different creatures. Some similarities may exist, but that’s only for reproduction. As a good lawyer friend once said to me, if men and women lived next door […]