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He’s Just Not That Into You

It took four attempts to see He’s Just Not that into You – the latest romantic comedy to hit our cinema screens. I persisted because I have been excited about its arrival for quite some time now, Perez Hilton having helpfully alerted me to its existence while it was in production with cruel insinuations about […]

3 Céilí dancing

Continuing our Solo Sabbatical series, Brigid Fitzgerald went to see how a céilí dancing event in Dublin’s Garda Club could unite single folk on the hunt. Well, are ya dancin’? Céilí Amór – the name alone had me curious. And further details only fuelled the fire. According to reports, it involved a casual event where […]

The Dark Knight

It’s been cold, it’s been wet, it’s been miserable; but in terms of blockbuster movies, this summer hasn’t been half bad. Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and Hancock have all had a go and now the eagerly awaited Dark Knight steps forward to knock them all out – in ticket sales at least. With him […]

Organic food – fad or fiction?

The ‘organic’ label seems to be everywhere lately (well, before the recession it was anyway), from the soil-covered potatoes on offer in your local farmers’ market to the chocolate-covered peanuts by the counter in your local Spar. But is this a movement that’s here to stay or is it merely a passing fad, which sat […]

Beauty of Bette

Bette Davis’ career was recently celebrated in a festival of the actress’s films at the Irish Film Institute in Dublin, where once again she played to packed houses. Those famous eyes and the intensity of her performances were the common denominator in a mixed programme, featuring films which spanned the entire duration of her 60-year […]

Wedding weaponry

Weddings – hardly the most likely topic for the first edition of a magazine devoted to celebrating the single status. But just as every romantic comedy couple has its single supporting players, so too every wedding has its best man and bridesmaid. And since the wedding season is now upon us, Brigid Fitzgerald offers some […]