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Peter Andre

peter-andrePoor old Peter Andre. Newly qualified for our Solo And Famous section, there is no doubt he would probably prefer to be still attached and famous – one half of the brand he and Jordan, aka Katie Price, created about four or so years ago. Now he’s just himself again. But who exactly is himself? Well, according to his website (yep, he has his own one – at least he kept his independence) Andre was born Peter James Andrea in London in 1973, the youngest of four brothers and a sister. He was musical from an early age, it would seem, and during his early years the Andres moved to Oz and back while the young Andre began to write his own tunes. By the time he was 16, he’d appeared on an Australian TV show, where (live) he was offered a recording contract. Wow.
He went on to become a pop star in the UK with his second hit ‘Mysterious Girl’ making No 2 in the UK charts as his six pack made it to No 1 with girls everywhere. He was the new kid on the block – a hunk of burning love for all the teenyboppers to swoon over. Chart success followed, which led to major tours throughout Europe, UK, Asia and Australia. His big dream was to perform at Wembley, close to where he was born, and he achieved this with a concert there in 1997, by which time he had a multitude of national and international awards, was the sixth highest selling solo artist in the UK during the 1990s and had music and merchandise sales grossing millions.
Lord knows what he was doing in the intervening years but we there was little sign of Andre for a while until he popped up on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! at the beginning of 2004. IACGMOOH is, of course, a refuge for the previously famous who would like to reignite their career and this move worked more than well for the former pop idol as within ten days of his appearance on the show ‘Mysterious Girl’ went to No 1 again. (In fairness the proceeds went to Andre’s chosen jungle charity, the NSPCC). Bit his turn in the jungle didn’t just revive his musical life – his love life benefitted too when he set his sights on Jordan, aka Katie Price, the glamour model/business woman/media starlet. Their courtship and subsequent marriage in 2005 took place entirely under the welcome glare of the paparazzi, with reality shows, magazine columns filling the gaps in between. Not a step was taken was made without the world and its mother hearing about it. Including the recent break up and impending divorce plans.
The newly single Andre has spent recent months working on a new album, which, according to himself, may revolutionise the way pop artists can express themselves without the influence of record companies. And his grooming and clothing range being released will be out next spring. Good job too as he might be needing the money. Not only is there a recession but the break up from Jordan will cost him the earnings they accrued as a couple. Still, he might just get to hang on to his self respect, depending of course on how well his forthcoming record is received. You never know, he might gain from the sympathy vote.


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