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Host a recession BBQ!

bbqIt was last July when Solo Stays In featured a guide to throwing a recession party, and at the time it was all a bit tongue in cheek. Recession, what recession, we wondered as it still felt like something of an idle threat. Not so now, of course. By the end of 2009 the you know what had well and truly hit the fan and these days our standards have dropped, our expectations plummeted and it’s all we can do to take one day at a time.
But just as we insisted you all be defiant in the face of adversity last July by having a recession party, we’re on hand nearly a year later to show you how to do the same thing by hosting a recession BBQ. The world might be falling apart but we’re remaining hopeful that it will be at least a long, hot summer, which would be the perfect backdrop to sizzling on the cheap by following these easy steps.

• Take the BBQ out of storage and give it a right good shine. Remember what it was like to have the spare cash to invest in something you once took for granted. Now be happy that you still have it and it still works and will be a source of comfort to you in this hard times. There’s nothing like the aroma of food cooking on the barbie after all.

• If you don’t have a BBQ either borrow one or buy a few cheap disposable ones.

• Like we said before, e-mail your invites. Never mind using your mobile – it’s too costly. Most of us have access to e-mail and it’s a much more economic way of communicating in these financially trying times.

• Again, tell everyone that it’s a BYO (Bring Your Own) occasion. If they all bring enough drink to get themselves drunk, everyone will be happy.

• Also again, tell everyone it’s a BYO occasion – when it comes to the food as well. You’re the host so there’s nothing wrong with asking people to give a little. It’s a BBQ so if everyone brings one dish – like a salad for example – there will be more than enough for everyone and nobody will have broken the bank. Remember to ask your guests to let you know what they will be bringing when they RSVP – that will save you having multiple plates of the same thing.

• Shop in your local butchers for burgers and sausages – cheaper and tastier than the supermarket – and don’t even think about investing in any steaks. Serving refined food to folk who are eating outdoors is a pointless waste of money. Most of them won’t be even sitting down.

• Don’t bother buying fairy lights to string atmospherically around the garden. They too are a waste of money – and electricity. Go to the local bargain store for candles instead.

• Buy your booze in Aldi or Lidl. Yes, we know – in these darks times we should be buying Irish. But the odd indiscretion can be forgiven.

• It’s a party but that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy a new outfit. Rummage through your wardrobe with a positive attitude. What’s the bet you’ll find something you bought ages ago (when money was no object) and forgot to wear?
• Finally, turn the music up (you can’t afford a DJ) and get the barbie started. Let the good times roll and enjoy!


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