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An afternoon in Kehoe’s

kehoesYou can’t beat an afternoon pint. Ever. It is simply one of life’s greatest pleasures, especially if you have it in Kehoe’s on South Anne Street in Dublin 2. And I’m sure the punters who frequent this great spot would agree, because the place is never empty of an afternoon. Or evening for that matter. In fact, I have a theory that Kehoe’s is probably busy on a Monday morning.
In any case, it was a Wednesday afternoon that we ventured in there recently – myself, my yummy mummy friend and her sister. It was before we splashed out and ate in Bentley’s (see Solo Goes Out – Table For One) – we wanted to kind of slum it in the spit-on-the-floor type pub that Kehoe’s is before we went all out and fine dined on the Green.
And guess what? The bar was, as usual, full. Now I don’t mean it was the sardines-in-a-tin mobbed that it gets on a Saturday night, but still it was packed enough for us to wonder where on earth we and all our shopping bags were going to sit. It would seem that the followers of Cheltenham had already taken all the available stools. The telly was on, the bets were placed and the men in suits with their female companions were glued to the screen, gin and tonics in hand.
We’d just been to the bookies too but had to make do with sitting in the back section, which had plenty of seating and no TV. Hence there wasn’t a soul in it. I guarantee you that if there was horse racing on in there too we would have had no choice but to stand. Nevertheless we settled ourselves and our luggage and enjoyed a blissful pint, while one of us kept an eye on developments outside, on the off chance we had winnings to collect. No such luck. But judging by the cheers at the bar we were the only ones on a losing streak. When I went to get another round (OK, we had a sneaky second one) I heard one of the ladies joking that she was spending her pension. I’m not sure if she meant on drink or on gambling but she looked happy so who am I to judge?
Anyway, ’twas a happy hour or so that we passed in there and we only left in the end as we had our early dinner reservation. Between the atmosphere and the pints, we were all in agreement that we could have stayed there for the evening. In fact we might still be there only one of us has children so it wouldn’t be ideal.

Kehoe’s is located at 9 South Anne Street, Dublin 2, tel: +353 (0)1 6778312.


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