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Solo Editor's Letter

Welcome to February/March’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 7: February/March 2009
Greetings to one and all. February/March’s Solo-magazine – the Valentine’s issue – is now live! And the dominant message is one of love! Well, not quite. But we do have a bit of a love theme going on. After all, it is the month for the most romantic day of the year. Having said that it’s also the month for a Friday 13 to turn up on the calendar, which on this occasion doubles up as Valentine’s Eve. The significance of this cannot be ignored!
Anyway, this month’s Solo brings you advice on how not to be a Valentine’s victim, along with a warning about the perils of the office hook-up. Solo Sabbatical has a look at the idea of sex with the ex – particularly poignant around Valentine’s as so many people turn to long lost loves to escape the reality of being alone! Pub Crawler heads the whole way to Belfast while Table For One falls in love in FXB (told you there was a love theme going on). Solo Style tells you how to vamp it up for V Day and Solo Health is happy to report that the humble egg has made a comeback.
Solo Looks Back remembers a different love of sorts – shifting. Which of course was the open-mouthed kissing that every Irish teenager had to indulge in before experiencing actual sex. Meanwhile, Solo Tabloid Tales is wondering what the hell is going on with weight-gate and Solo Signs Off is wondering if age really does matter when it comes to affairs of the heart.
All that more. Happy Friday 13 everyone. Hope it doesn’t bring with it any horror or terror. And happy Valentine’s! May it be a great one for you all!

Karina Corbett


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