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Solo Signs Off

The question of age

Age does not matter when it comes to matters of the heart. Or does it? Is it the death knell for many a relationship? Emma Barry is wondering.

solo-signs-offIt’s all well and good to say that age is irrelevant in love, but when the issue becomes a matter for the mental state and bank account that is another story. Dating, whether it’s someone older or younger, is something most people do during their lives, but no matter how many fairytale stories you hear about the 50-something who is blissfully happy with the 20-something, we all know it becomes an obstacle at some stage.
But what about when the age gap is only a few years, even one or two, and it’s a problem too? Because this can happen, according to a number of people Solo spoke to. Everything from choice of pubs to eating habits was mentioned, while the more serious issues such as money and careers were the main wedges resulting in break ups. Having a few years on your beloved can mean a world of difference in terms of career, wealth and general life experience.
Those who have travelled extensively often have this annoying chip on their shoulder that they are more world wise after spending a summer drinking $5 wine from a bag. Recounting stories of scoring the hot Aussie, or trekking across South America may only be a dream for the other half, who spent those same days writing essays and hanging out at the college bar. As one recalls the wild days of country-hopping, the other may soon realise that is a dream they want to follow and off they go on their round the world trip. Relationship over! It happens every day.
Money, particularly in the current recession, can be a major issue between couples. One person drawing the dole, or only earning the minimum wage, against a person who earns the big bucks? The outcome is almost inevitable in many cases. With one wanting to be whisked off for short romantic breaks while the other is barely able to pay the bills, there will always be some form of clashing. Or there is the often told scenario of people living way beyond their means to keep up with the fantastic lifestyle of the other – posh frocks, stylish drinks and a maxing out credit card. It’s a recipe for disaster.
Of course when it comes to age gaps, it’s not unusual for some people to date ‘yang ones’ in order to mould them into the type of partner that they failed to find among their own age group. It’s all about educating them on food and fine wine, packing them off to courses to further their career, or even sending them off to a fancy hairdresser to restyle them. They call it their little pet project. And good luck to them. They’ll find out eventually that you can’t be in a relationship to change someone!


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