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Egg-cellent news

eggThe poor egg. For years it got such bad press, being blamed for all sorts of health issues such as high cholesterol and the like. Well now it looks like it might have to hire itself an agent as we hear that going to work on an egg may be good for you after all. Scientific research has found that there is no reason after all for healthy people to limit egg consumption to three a week. A paper to be published soon in the British Nutrition Foundation’s Nutrition Bulletin has found that cholesterol in eggs has only a small and clinically insignificant effect on blood cholesterol. While people with high blood cholesterol are at increased risk of heart disease, only a third of the cholesterol in the body is attributed to diet. Other factors linked to high cholesterol levels are smoking, being overweight and lack of exercise, and the main culprit from food is saturated fat, not cholesterol found in eggs. Yipee!
Now, having said that, there was some controversy about the findings when it was confirmed that Juliet Gray, a public health nutritionist, was funded by the egg industry for her research time. The co-author Bruce Griffin, a professor of nutritional metabolism at the University of Surrey, did not receive payment, though in the past he has advised the British Egg Industry Council on scientific issues. Looks like even eggs aren’t immune from conspiracy theories. Still it’s about time they got a lucky break. It was only in 2007 that Egg Information Service in the UK was banned from re-running a TV commercial from the 1950s which urged viewers to ‘go to work on an egg’ to celebrate its 50th anniversary. The Broadcast Advertising Clearance Centre said the slogan went against the principle of eating a varied diet.


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