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Solo Socialises

Solo Socialises: Bloggers’ brekkie at The Clarence

clarence-brunch2Between New Year’s resolutions and the harsh reality of the credit crunch, Solo-magazine is determined to go everywhere it’s invited these days. So off it went this morning to the seventh Fashion Bloggers’ Brunch, organised as always by I Blog Fashion fashionista (iblogfashion.blogspot.com) and Solo Style & Beauty editor Annmarie O’Connor. The venue was The Clarence Hotel (www.theclarence.ie), although with kick off time set for 10am it was more of a Fashion Bloggers’ Breakfast this time round. That didn’t stop the lovely staff giving all 22 of us an early morning drop and more of delicious pink champagne, mind you. And God, there’s nothing like bubbles to get you in the mood for the weekend!
Tea, coffee and OJ were also in free flow, as were vast quantities of breads and pastries,which filled us nicely – only there was more! Just as everyone was getting stuck into a carb binge, along came the ‘main course’ that was possibly the best brekkie ever. It was like a buffet on a plate (check out the pic) – boiled egg (so ’80s recession), smoked salmon and cream cheese (so Celtic Tiger), pancake (so seasonal with that special Tuesday coming up soon). Mmm. And if that wasn’t enough, a massive platter of cheese and meats followed suit for anyone that was still feeling a bit peckish. We had to have a nibble – ‘twould have been rude not to – as we discussed negative equity and how to ignore it, along with Pat Kenny’s disastrous performance on last night’s Late Late Show when he interviewed Pete Doherty. This would be the drug-addled ex of Kate Moss who once appeared in a YouTube video with Amy Winehouse, playing with a bunch of newborn mice. The same guy came across as surprisingly sane while chatting to Pat, who came across as unsurprisingly inappropriate, even admitting he didn’t actually know any of Pete’s music. As for the groupie yelling in the audience? Beyond cringe.
Anyway, the Fashion Bloggers’ Brunch goody bags were provided by Clarins and in these dreary, weary times the Eclat Minute (Instant Light Complexion Perfector) might be just the thing to brighten our sad faces. Not that anyone looked even remotely depressed after that feast!
Solo now awaits its next social invite. All offers considered and more than likely accepted!


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