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Solo Signs Off

‘Twas the season for engagements – unfortunately

With all her friends getting engaged, Grace Carey is sick of listening to wedding talk. And it’s not because she’s jealous, it’s because she’s bored.

engagement-ringFive engagements in the space of two days – there is clearly some form of recessional fever hitting the country. Perhaps, those proposing are strategically thinking that if they should be made redundant, they now have an other half to depend on financially and emotionally?
Surely no one in their right mind would really consider forking out €30,000 for a wedding at a time when the country is at the jaws of depression? So, it makes perfect sense to officially hook up, well get engaged, until such times will pass. It’s the recessional safety blanket! What other clear reason is there to get engaged during such times?
Five of my friends, however, are of a different opinion now that the ring is firmly on the finger. ‘Twas the season to be jolly, and apparently the season to get engaged. Cliched as it is, Christmas is still one of the most popular times for the big question to be popped.
Now that many of my friends are finally taking the plunge, everyone is obsessed with the idea that I too should be contemplating life with a plus one. There remains the perception that unattached women weep at the sight of another friend walking up the aisle and then, warped with the fear, hook up with anyone for the sake of not being stuck at the singles table again. It’s an age old picture and one that obviously has not changed much in recent years.
Unfortunately for my family, or my couply friends only dying for another couple to hang out with, all these engagements have had the opposite effect. It’s not so much the marriage part that scares me, it’s this unwavering obsession with weddings.
It all starts with the ring – from having to feign interest at talk of diamonds and sapphires to the story behind the whole setting of the big question. Following a wave of ring watching, I have come to the conclusion that they all really look the same. One, ten, 20 diamonds….they are all round and stuck on a finger.
And while the price of the ring is supposed to be taboo between the impending couple, secretly they release a random figure to demonstrate the exclusivity of the big rock.
At a wedding recently, I noticed three other couples mentally drawing up notes of every detail from table decorations to chocolate fountains. From the look in their eyes, you just knew that they were thinking they are going to have to go one better when it’s their turn.
This is full on wedding war, with guests almost held hostage as they aim to hear those vital words from many who they would not see from one end of the year to the other – ‘that was the best wedding ever’.
Fortunately, the recession has one advantage – you can decline a wedding invitation without the guilt. No need for those elaborate excuses, or lies and deception. Just say your economising.


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