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Size zero has not gone away. Women are more concerned about their weight than they are about cancer, according to a new poll. One in four women listed it as their biggest health concern, with half of women in their 20s, 30s and 40s saying they worried about it over everything else. The poll also found that ageing is the second biggest health fear – above cancer, heart disease and infertility. Fewer than two per cent of women across all age groups said cancer was their main health worry, three per cent said diabetes and only one per cent said heart disease. The third biggest health worry among women of all ages was stress and 20 per cent of women in their 20s said this was their biggest concern. None said HIV/AIDs was their main concern, and fewer than one per cent worried about said STDs.
When asked where they turn for medical information, half of all women said their GP, increasing to 69 per cent among women in their 50s. Fewer than one in three women in their 20s would turn to their doctor as the first point of call, preferring to use the internet first. Women in their 40s said they were also more likely to use the internet for medical advice.


The next time you reach for the Maxwell House, think again. Recent research has suggested that people who drink more than seven cups of instant coffee a day have an increased tendency to hallucinate. High caffeine users may even think they see non-existent people, according to researchers from the University of Durham, who studied 200 students who were asked about their typical intake of caffeine products. Those who had a high caffeine intake were three times more likely to have the heard voice of someone non-existent than less frequent drinkers, who consumed less than one cup of instant coffee or its equivalent.
Seeing things that were not there, hearing voices and sensing the presence of dead people were among the experiences reported. Researchers also found that people drinking as few as three cups of brewed coffee each day may experience mild hallucinations, such as hearing voices that aren’t there. Researchers believe the hallucinations stem from the caffeine, rather than the coffee.

Gary Heavin, founder and CEO of Curves was in Ireland recently to launch CurvesSmart, a revolutionary new fitness intelligent system that claims to work like a personal trainer. Curves in Malahide is the first Irish club to install the equipment. In preliminary studies conducted on the CurvesSmart equipment by researchers at Baylor University, Dr. Richard Kreider, professor and chair of the Department of Health, Human Performance and Recreation, reported that exercisers worked 20 per cent harder and saw a 15 per cent increase in inches lost.
“This is extraordinary stuff,” said Gary Heavin. “CurvesSmart is the only exercise equipment in the world with ‘intelligent technology’ that makes real-time decisions based on an individual’s goals and fitness levels. Each piece of exercise equipment recognises each individual exerciser and adjusts itself to optimise goals and provide a safe, effective, precisely tailored workout. It even monitors heart rate and blood pressure and feeds all the data to an onsite computer that provides exercisers with a report card for each workout and over time.”

Holland & Barrett is encourged people to feel more revitalised, energetic and motivated than ever in 2009. And, it says, that one substance that might work is Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae.
Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae is harvested directly from the clean, mineral-rich waters of Klamath lake, Oregan, which is fed by 17 pure mountain streams and geothermal springs. It has ten metres of mineral deposits: these are one of the most mineral rich alkaline waters, and the wide range of health benefits of Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae are mainly due to the conditions under which they flourish..
Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae is nutrient packed; it contains 60 per cent high quality protein and an amino acid profile that matches the needs of the human body. It also contains a little of almost every vitamin and mineral including trace minerals, along with a super powerful antioxidant glutathione and high amounts of vitamins B12 and beta carotene. Klamath Lake Blue Green Algae is priced €12.99 for 60 500ml capsules.


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