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Fitzers: high on staff, low on sausages

Considering it was the week before Christmas, Table For One found Fitzers in Temple Bar to be unusually quiet for a Saturday lunch.

fitzersIt was the Saturday before Christmas and three quarters of us had sore heads when we went to Fitzers at Temple Bar Square for a late brunch/lunch. Assuming it was going to be the busiest shopping day of the season, we’d booked our table, which wasn’t necessary as it turned out. There was barely a soul in the restaurant and the eagerness of the many staff made us wonder just how quiet it really was. Didn’t they have anyone else to fuss over?
After her third attempt to find out, we eventually told the waitress what we wanted to drink – an orange juice with vodka in it and a bottle of wine. Hair of dog was necessary, don’t you know. Beverages arrived and our food order was taken by a waiter this time. It would appear that we were being shared out among the mulitple employees.
Fitzers markets itself as having the ‘best in modern Irish food’ and the two in our party who were most hungover went for the comforting dish that is bangers and mash (€12.50). Not possible, they were told, with a muttering about the recent pork crisis.
“But that’s all over now,” I pointed out, however my protests were met with something that resembled a shrug.
“What if we wanted the full Irish breakfast?” someone else piped up. “There’s sausages on that – can we not have that either?”
“No, that is still available,” explained the waiter. “It’s a different kind of sausage for the breakfast.”
The girls went for beef and Guinness stew instead (€13.95), while me and the unhungover diner went for the grilled sirloin steak (€14.50), which was served with beef tomatoes, flat cap mushrooms and fries and the warm chicken salad (€18.95) respectively. The overall opinion was that all dishes were adequate but not delicious. And my salad was definitely overpriced for what it was.
Desserts were a happier affair as we shared apple crumple, lemon tart and chocolate terrine – all very tasty. With coffees and tip our bill came to €35 per head, which wasn’t bad for a relaxing and filling afternoon.
One thing puzzled us though. When we were having our main course, two women came in and were seated right beside us. The place was almost empty, yet they were put almost on top of us. And if that wasn’t bad enough, when their food arrived we noticed that one of them was having bangers and mash! Was someone eating contaminated sausages or was it that the waiter was telling porkies?

Fitzers (www.fitzers.ie) is located at 42 Temple Bar Square, Dublin 2, tel: +353 (0)1 353 1 6790440.


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