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6 Remembering leg warmers

leg-warmersA bit like socks – but thicker and usually footless (so not like socks at all really), leg warmers were originally the trademark of ballet and other dancers, who wore them to keep their muscles from cramping after stretching. Which was all well and good until Fame and aerobics came along in the early ’80s and suddenly every girl over the age of about seven was sporting a pair of these strange accessories. They were worn with leggings, jeans, and tights – the more puckered down the better – but thankfully they had retreated back into relative obscurity by the end of the ’80s. In fashion circles anyway. Unfortunately they made a bit of a comeback around 2004, with the likes of Jordan sporting them on nights out on the town. Then again, Jordan was never a style icon so let’s just be grateful that it wasn’t Kate Moss who donned them.
Leg warmers worn as fashion pieces are not believed to serve any other useful function. This is especially true of those who wear leg warmers ‘scrunched’ around the ankles. It’s not like they’re keeping you legs warm as the name would suggest. They’re a bit like fingerless gloves really – entirely pointless.
In 2009, it’s being said that the ’80s are officially back in fashion, which is alarming to say the least. The reemergence of acid wash denim is making a huge comeback in jeans, jackets, shirts and dresses – yikes. But while the ’80s are set to make a huge impact on our fashion purchases this season, the key, they say, is to update the look for the Noughties. In other words, there are some styles that make a reappearance, but leave the leg warmers firmly in the past.


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