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Solo Editor's Letter

Welcome to November/December’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 5: November/December 2008
Welcome to the November/December issue of Solo – a double one considering the season that’s in it – and apologies for the lateness! Although if Solo is late, you’ll all be thrilled to hear that Christmas is early this year, with the tree lights in Dublin being switched on three weeks before their time. It’s all connected to the recession apparently, something to do with getting people to go out and shop and not take their money to spend abroad. The Lord Mayor even went as far as labelling it a call to ‘civic patriotism’. Never mind that the ‘tree’ is no longer a traditional one, but instead is a modern-day effort made entirely of lights and designed by a French firm. Patriotism indeed. Anyway, it’s not to going make us go to buying Chrimbo pressies just yet. Or ever in fact. In these credit crunch times we think it’s high time people stopped buying needless gifts for one another and pumped the cash into going out and having a good time instead. Because, sources are saying, come January it will be all over. And by that we mean the good times! Yikes!
But back to the present. November/December’s Solo isn’t quite so doom and gloom yet and our features this month include a peek at the subject matter behind new Irish movie Alarm, along with the lure of ski holidays and the non-allure of celebrating expensive birthdays with unhappily single friends. Solo Tabloid Tales wonders what the deal is with all the ‘gates’ these days and Solo And Famous is thrilled to welcome Simon Cowell to the club. Meanwhile, (Solo Goes Out) Pub Crawler is not impressed by the Welsh bore spitting nonsense in O’Donoghue’s while (Solo Goes Out) Table For One skips a meal in favour of a coffee to go, with unpleasant consequence. Solo Sabbatical examines the concept of stalking as a means of snaring, while Solo Stays In extols the virtues of spending Saturday nights on the couch with The X Factor. All that, and more. So happy reading, happy early Christmas and fear not, we’ll be back again in the New Year before the hardcore recessional depression is upon us! In the meantime Solo Editor’s Weekly Blog will be on hand for regular updates.

Karina Corbett


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