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Charity shops have always been kind of interesting places to visit, not least because you never know what you might find, but seriously, what’s with the obnoxious staff and the overpriced clothing? More than once recently I’ve witnessed the so-called store assistants growling at customers, as if they’d committed a mortal sin by daring to try to enter the premises in the first place.
“I just asked you if that was yours and you said it was,” snarled a woman at an unsuspecting punter – and all because she had rang up something on the till that wasn’t actually part of the basket.
“No, I didn’t,” faltered she who wanted to make the purchase.
Jaysus, there was so much anger there I did a double take. And not a week previously I came across another one of these places where the man who was clearly on floor duty was openly expressing his disdain towards those who were bringing the rain in with them via their wet shoes and umbrellas. Huffing and puffing, he mopped vigorously, practically tripping people up in the process. What was his beef, I wondered, would he have been happier if they’d all just walked on by? And don’t get me started on the charitable mark ups. Where is the benevolence in charging someone €8 for a Penneys bag that cost about €4 new? Not that I’ve been thrift shopping or anything lately. I’m just keeping my options open for when the hard times hit.

Paying more attention to your mobile phone than to your date on a first night out is one of the best ways for a woman to ensure there won’t be a second date, according to a poll of single British men carried out on behalf on Craigslist. Mmm. Apparently men are over four times as likely as women to name such behaviour their biggest turn off on a first date, with 21 per cent of single men saying so compared to just five per cent of single women. The only option that outscored ‘paying more attention to their mobile than to me’ (examples of this would be repeatedly taking, making calls, reading or sending texts or e-mails) was ‘bad personal hygiene, grooming or odour’ (28 per cent), although this was predictably something that both genders found almost equally off-putting. So there you go ladies. Turn off them mobiles. Or marry them.

Oh dear. A new study claims the average woman’s weight fluctuates by up to two stone during a relationship. According to www.slendex.com (what else?), many ladies lose weight at the beginning of a relationship, then put it back on again as they become more ‘comfortable’. After that, there’s a quick diet pre-wedding (assuming you get married), weight gain if there is pregnancy, weight loss again afterwards and then possibly more weight loss when the children get older and these women have time to dedicate to appearance. Makes you just want fly solo eh? ‘Twould save your body a lot.

And speaking of eating, official studies in the UK show that the average household throws away food worth about £420 a year. But while cutting down on food wastage is a challenge for everyone, it can be even more daunting for those who live alone or are cooking for just one other person – as in singletons or couples. So now a new cookbook aimed specifically at people cooking for just one or two claims to help couples and single folk cook healthy, nutritious and tasty meals, without buying lots of extra food they have no chance of eating before it spoils. Clever Cooking for One or Two aims to assist people to shop for just what they need, buy in the right quantities and make use of everything they have in their cupboard or fridge. It includes useful advice on the ideal ingredients to stock in your kitchen to make sure you have the basics to hand when you need them, plus tips on perfect sized portions, meals for freezing and even how you can get three different meals out of one main ingredient. Sounds like the same book would be handy for the credit crunch too.


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