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Pub Crawler

Kicking off the weekend in O’Donoghue’s

Pub Crawler took in an ordinary Friday evening in the legendary O’Donoghue’s in Dublin 2, which made for an interesting experience.

Another Friday night in Dublin, another non appearance from the recession. In fact, the beer garden of O’Donoghue’s on Merrion Row was totally thronged with after-work revellers who, perhaps, fearing the worst in the future, are determined to make the most of the present.
The Chinese tourists beside us were sipping a couple of creamy pints, while looking on in bemusement at the local crowd smoking and drinking like there was no tomorrow. The Welsh group nearby were a little less sedate and when one of them decided to join us we feared we might just have to go home. Brian from Cardiff was looking for advice. He and his hammered cronies were on the hunt for a late bar and wanted to know if we could direct him to one that wasn’t in Temple Bar. We suggested he check out the strip of pubs on Dawson Street, although we did point out to him it was still only 9.30pm. This surprised him. He’d done so many shots he was sure it was midnight, he explained, before launching into a full synopsis of why they had come to Dublin (a stag), where they were staying (Holiday Inn on Pearse Street), when they were leaving (Sunday) and how they were going to head to Mulligans the following morning to sample the Guinness (whatever), which a taxi driver had told them was the best in town. This entire speech was delivered with no small amount of spit, making me wish I’d brought an umbrella. There is nothing as tedious as a boring drunk and we did our best to get rid of him.
“I think one of your buddies is sick,” I said as soon as I noticed one of his group vomiting beer right in front of us. Why is it everywhere I go people are throwing up?
“Oh yeah,” spat Brian, clearing not caring one bit.
He moved on eventually and we were glad to see the back of him, especially as we were in need of a refill ourselves – it’s thirsty work listening to someone as inebriated and tiresome as Brian, so we ordered another round from one of the very obliging floor staff and resumed our Friday night out. The only other cloud on the horizon was the super annoying piped music that was coming through the speakers over our head. Why oh why it had to feed us ‘The Town I Loved So Well’ over and over is anyone’s business. Still, it was better than listening to Brian I suppose.

O’Donoghue’s is located on Merrion Row in Dublin 2.


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