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Solo Stays In

It’s X Factor Season!

Solo Stays In has one thing to say at this time of year – The X Factor

It’s all very simple really and we won’t hold you up telling you. It’s X Factor season and if that doesn’t keep you indoors with nice bottle of wine on a Saturday night, nothing will. You don’t have to be into pop music. You don’t even have to be into watching TV. This is another beast entirely. You’ve got Louis Walsh, generally making a show of himself. Dannii Minogue, looking more waxen by the week. Cheryl Cole, who once allegedly beat up a bathroom attendant and is now beyond beautiful. And Simon Cowell, who had funny hair and sleazy clothes and is beyond beautiful too. Forget the contestants, most of them are as dull as dishwater. The real drama takes place on the the judging panel and the hours of entertainment make for that perfect Saturday night in. Remember, it’s cold and dark outside and the recession is looming. The safest place for you to be is on the couch.

The X Factor is on TV3 and UTV on Saturday nights, usually at 7pm-ish. Length of show varies, but the more drawn out the better.


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