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Solo Editor's Letter

Welcome to October’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 4: October 2008
Happy October everyone and welcome to the newest issue of Solo-magazine! Summer is well and truly over, and we’re back in action after taking a month off for a variety of reasons. None of them involved us sunning ourselves of course, or spending money. The credit crunch has well and truly bit and this month’s features include our top ten favourite recessional reverberations, from the creation of a new society, the ‘new poor’, to the possible creation of a modern era, the ‘newcession’.
Regular features include Solo Sabbatical, which this month takes a break from being single by being set up on a date and Solo Goes Out, which sees Pub Crawler having a pint in Kerry (and narrowly avoiding being splashed by vomit), and a childless Table For One hanging out with the yummy mummies in Dundrum’s Harvey Nicks. Solo Signs Off wonders if poverty is the new property, while Solo And Famous this issue is Jennifer Aniston. Solo Looks Back takes a personal trip down memory lane to Astoria in Queens, NY while Solo Sounds pays tribute to Elbow.
Again all feedback and opinions are welcome so feel free to mail us at karina@solo-magazine.com with any comments! Until next time, happy reading!

Karina Corbett


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