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Stick the Lipstick Jungle

It was meant to be the long-awaited successor to Sex and the City. Instead it’s more like something that would sit well among the already over-crowded day-time soap market.

Although Lipstick Jungle has just recently made its debut on this side of the Atlantic, the second series has – astonishingly – just begun in the US. Why the astonishment you might wonder? Well, because it’s utter crap. The American TV comedy-drama, based on the best-selling novel of the same name by Sex and the City queen Candace Bushnell, is, to put it brutally, brutal.
So, what’s it all about? If you’ve not been privy the the never-ending promos on the frivolous channel that is Living, you probably don’t know that, as the title suggest, Lipstick Jungle is all about the ‘older’ gals in New York as they struggle to juggle careers, husbands and children. Oh and have sex too of course, in between all this. I mean, where would we be without the sex? ‘Tis the prime ingredient for shows like this, but for some reason it doesn’t work on this NBC effort.
The three central characters are high-powered ladies with jobs that would put anyone to shame. Wendy (Brooke Shields) is a movie exec who is struggling to balance her home life with career. Nico (Kim Raver) is editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine, married to some college professor, but shagging a younger man on the side – in the most unappealing scenes ever. Talk about a lack of chemistry between the characters, never mind the actors. Nico’s boss is Hector, aka Julian Sands, and if we didn’t know any better we’d think he was putting on his English accent. He gives new meaning to the word wooden. Meanwhile, Victory (Lindsay) Price is the free-spirited fashion designer who is being seduced by multi-millionaire Joe, who is played by a still handsome Andrew McCarthy, albeit one grappling with a bad storyline and script.
Anyway, the whole thing is so bad we don’t even know how to explain how bad it is. Just imagine all the cliches ever invented, mix them with a ‘snappy’ TV show that strives to highlight the problems women face every day if they want to make it to top, then add in a couple of really bad performances from some reputable actors. And there you have it. Perhaps we will leave the last line to Wendy, who, at the end of the first episode, was experiencing problems with her put-upon husband. This prompted, naturally, a girly get-together with the other two career women, as they tried to solve their multiple issues.
“I thought my marriage was the one thing I didn’t have to manage,” said Brooke Shields, in a suitably choked-up voice.
And with that I nearly got sick.

Lipstick Jungle is on Monday nights on Living at 10pm. Beware. Be-very-ware.


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