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Sex and the City – not a great movie night in

I was so looking forward to it. Believe or not, I never got around to seeing Sex and the City: The Movie on the big screen, not least because I was in Kerry when it came out and the only cinema in the county showing it was in Listowel. No offence or anything, but I didn’t really want to watch this anticipated spectacular in a rural setting where you bought a raffle ticket going in the door from the guy who actually owned the place.
So, the release of the DVD was high on my agenda for September. I was day dreaming about it in fact. My couch, a glass of wine or two – oh, the perfect Saturday night in. And things started to look even better when I found a copy in my local Tesco for a mere €14.50. It meant the world to me that in the midst of the credit crunch the supermarket folk thought to take a fiver off the price of the movie I was simply dying to see.
Oh God. One glass of Chablis later and I was getting a bad sensation in the pit of my stomach. And it wasn’t the drink. Oh God, oh God. It wasn’t like I was expecting it to be of a Billy Wilder standard. No. NO. I completely understood that it was a chick flick for true fans of the series – and even that it was a wee bit too long. I was so excited, yet at the same time it’s not like my expectations were all that high. Good job – because they came crashing down. It was more than disappointing. I’m not sure I’ll ever even watch it again. I can watch the TV episodes over and over again, no matter how ridiculous some of the subject matter might be. But as for the movie? Nope. Never again, I reckon. Unless I’m drunk.
Where did it all go wrong? Well, on a great many levels. Take the clothes for example. Yes, they were fabulously over the top, just what you’d expect from Carrie and co. But we’d seen them all before. So many pre-movie publicity shots were released that by the time you were watching it they all looked way too familiar. Then there was Carrie and Big. It was years later, yet they seemed unbelievable as a couple. As for Charlotte and her adopted daughter? Was the child supposed to be mute? And Miranda and Steve? Always the most ‘real’ of the various love affairs, his infidelity and her subsequent rage were even hard to swallow. It was a storyline that could have been explored too and it didn’t even get enough airtime, never mind that the whole film was much too drawn out anyway.
But perhaps the most farcical part of it all was Carrie and Big’s honeymoon, which the jilted bride went on with Samantha (who should NOT have been relocated to LA by the way), Miranda and Charlotte. It was just all too stupid. Yes, Carrie was made to look suitably make-up free and haggard, having undergone a massive breaking of the heart, but where was all the humour from the TV series? Charlotte pooping in her pants does not a joke make. And where was the magic between the characters gone? Maybe the reported frostiness between Kim Cattrall and the rest of the cast is a reality and finally managed to rear it’s ugly head on screen?
And one last thing. Whoever came up with the utterly insane notion that Jennifer Hudson would be ideally cast as Carrie’s lovestruck assistant Louise ‘St Louise’ should retire from the industry. Sex and the City: The Movie went on for at least 40 minutes longer than it should have and editing out ALL Louise’s scenes would have been a good place to start salvaging what had the potential to be a pretty good chick flick.


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