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Pints in the Kingdom

This month Pub Crawler had an interesting experience in a Tralee pub, but it didn’t spoil the pints.

When it comes to pubs, Saturday night is a lively one in most towns, and Tralee is no exception. And since the town’s main square (aptly called The Square) was pedestrianised some years ago, that particular spot is possibly the liveliest of them all. You’ve got people, bars, burger joints – just enough to get the party started by early evening, although my friend and I waited ’til about 9.30pm to join in one recent Saturday night when the weather seemed to be trying to tell us that the world was going to end. But sure the wind and rain wouldn’t stop the Irish drinking, even drinking under the shelter of the sky, which was what a bunch of near middle-aged men were doing in the alfresco lounge of the lovely Willie D’Arcys in, you’ve guessed it, The Square. Of course when we say the alfresco lounge we mean where the bar stools, tables, heater and awning that are outside the front door. ‘Twas all very cosy as we got our pints (of really good Guinness) and settled down beside the doorstep – it was lashing out of the heavens but we were as warm as toast so what did we care?
Unfortunately the middle-aged men nearby intruded on our tranquility. They must have been there for quite a while, although their drunkenness wasn’t so immediately apparent. We knew they were having a good time – well, until we heard a kind of moan or groan, followed by that familiar sound a person makes when they’re about to have a right good vomit. Yes indeed. One minute we were almost feeling like we were in paradise, the next we were in sick central, where the guy who had taken ill was being held up by his arms by a friend on either side while he decorated the pavement, and various pairs of shoes, with an alcoholic bile of sorts.
“He’s like Jesus being taken down from the cross,” remarked my friend and she was right. Blasphemy aside, he really did look like he’d undergone a crucifixion, and of course they couldn’t move him until he finished spewing, which he finally did – thank goodness. Off they went, yer man’s legs flip flopping along like a rag doll’s and we returned to our previous happiness when Willie D’Arcy’s staff swiftly and efficiently cleaned up the scene of the crime.
The remainder of our evening was puke-free, although when we noticed three Gardai entering a nearby chipper we wondered were we in for more drama.
“I hope they’re hungry and not going in to break up a fight,’ I said, right before about 20 teenagers ran out of the place in various directions across The Square. Most unusual behaviour, especially as the cops came out after them as if nothing had happened. There was no chase, no arrests, no verbal warnings. And we were left thinking that whatever went down, the fast food owner was left without a customer in sight.
Ah well, we thought, as we turned our backs to the trouble that seemed to be no longer brewing. Our pints were much more interesting.

Willie D’Arcy’s Corner is located in The Square, Tralee, Co Kerry, at the corner of Dominick Street.


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