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Solo Beauty editor Annmarie O’Connor (www.iblogfashion.blogspot.com) is a fan of a new product from Clarins….never mind the weather.

Despite the ongoing deluge, the wellingtons, the canoe stationed outside my front door, I’m loving Fix Make-Up – a new product from Clarins designed to do..er…exactly that. It”s a bit like Ronseal, save for the fact that it won’t stain your skin and prevent you from getting root rot. The mist, made from a scientific mash-up 30 times stronger than rosewater, keeps your make-up intact and your face looking bright and soft. Trust me on this. I, like my nana before me, have been using rosewater tonics for many a year. At 35, I can easily be accused of being 25 (go on…I dare you…please…pretty please?) so I’d like to think that the elixir has its attributes. Combine that with all the groovy talk of polymers and antioxidants and you’ve got a nifty little atomiser that keeps you radiant in a pinch. I could mention the words ‘air conditioning’ and ‘extreme heat’ but mockery isn’t my style. Suffice to say, it’s good; good enough on which to splurge €25. Until such time as rain can be infused with vitamin C and grapefruit extract, I’ll be buying this beauty.


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