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Jennifer Aniston

jennifer-aniston1It was only a matter of time before Jennifer Aniston made it into our Solo And Famous section. Her recent dalliance with John Meyer prevented us from featuring her sooner, but now that she’s once again unattached we’ve welcomed her with open arms.
Born in February 1969, Aniston, as we all know, shot to fame in the mid-’90s when she landed the role in hit sitcom Friends. First it was her hairstyle that made the headlines, then it was her noticeable weight loss when she went from ‘curvy’ to super skinny in a matter of months. Indeed at one stage she and her co-star Courteney Cox looked like they were poised to disappear. But it is her relationship status that has always garnered Aniston the most press of all, not least because she bagged Brad Pitt and then married him to boot.
But let’s go back a bit. While the former Friends star is these days frequently referred to as ‘unlucky in love’, Aniston – like Renee Zellweger before her – is another Hollywood hottie who is one of the last people we should be commiserating with. On the contrary, her list of conquests is more than impressive. She has dated Counting Crows front man Adam Duritz (an oddly attractive teddy bear type), before moving onto actor Tate Donovan, who she was actually engaged to. But it was, of course, her pairing with Brad Pitt that catapulted her onto the A-list of unions and the two married in a Malibu wedding in July, 2000. Who could forget that solitary, black and white photo they released to the media? It made the hardest of hearts melt and both men and woman collectively swoon the world over. We continued to swoon until the beginning of 2005 when the golden couple announced they were to separate, right after being pictured kissing and generally being affectionate whilst on hols with Cox and her husband, actor David Arquette. Celebrities eh? A very hard lot to figure out.
In any case, it was then that Aniston became globally pitied, mostly because the word ‘divorce’ had barely been uttered before Pitt had hooked up with Angelina Jolie. Ouch. It’s one thing to see your marriage go kaput, but when your spouse moves on with Ange it’s got to be an even bigger kick in the teeth. So while Brangelina became a worldwide phenomenon, Aniston became a, well, a woman wronged. Mind you, this is all just speculation. For years now folk have assumed this to be the truth, however the reality might well be that Jen was a fully-fledged part of the break up and she actually wanted out because she realised her husband was just an eejit. Because, let’s face it, Pitt has all the eejity signs. He’s been a serial relationship-er for years and he’s always had a nasty habit of kind of morphing into his chosen partner. Remember grungy Brad who went out with Juliette Lewis? Then the Brad who hooked up with Gwyneth Paltrow, sporting the same hairstyle as her? Even when he was married to Aniston he sort of became her. And now that he’s one half of Brangelina he has lost all sense of self as he’s become the male version of Ange’s earth mother, holier than thou, charitable do-gooder act. Does anyone not suspect that it’s his ex-wife who is having the last laugh?
Since the break up of her marriage, Aniston has not been in any other successful relationship, but again we wonder if this actually bothers her. She’s never short of a man – she just doesn’t stay with any of them. But that could be what she wants – who knows? Post Pitt she enjoyed a romance with the divine Vince Vaughan before getting together with British model Paul Sculfor, who is now dating Cameron Diaz. Aniston’s latest fling was with singer John Mayer, although they didn’t last too long as a couple and seemed mismatched from the beginning anyway. She was probably not too impressed that he hinted to reporters that it was he that did the dumping, but at the same time there’s a strong chance she couldn’t care less and is happy to be single. Like we said, we welcome her with open arms. We’d rather be independent Jen than be a member of the Brangelina farce, which is getting more ridiculous by the baby, oops, we mean day.


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