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Solo Signs Off

Is poverty the new property?

Poverty may just be the new property these days and Solo Signs Off thinks it’s time to sign on and get rent allowance.

For the first time ever in Ireland last month, single women were found to be buying more houses than single men. New figures showed that 51 per cent of those unattached folk who were purchasing houses were women, compared to 43 per cent last year. Good to know, if you’re female anyway. Mind you, with the current credit crunch looking like it’s going to keep biting, those statistics are probably no longer relevant as pretty soon men nor women will be able to afford to buy property.
I have been making assumptions for a lot of my life. As a child I believed I would be a pop star and as a teenager I thought I was heading for an Oscar. Of course these were rather far-fetched suppositions, however I was genuinely presumptuous about some things. For instance, I took it for granted that my college days would be the best of my life. They weren’t. Then I expected to forge a career right after my degree. I didn’t. And I truly imagined that my 21st birthday, which I’d looked forward to for years, would coincide with my engagement party. Negative again. In fact by the time I marked the official move into adulthood I didn’t even have someone to snog, not to mind a fiancé. So I lowered the bar slightly and told myself that perhaps the future was full of possibilities and not probabilities.
Now I’m in my 30s and while I’ve accepted that I’m not celebrating my ten-year wedding anniversary, I’m still wondering about some of those unrealised assumptions – one of them being the house thing. Again, I’d always assumed I’d have my own house by now. Did I think someone would buy me one? ‘Cause it’s not like I’ve been making any attempt to save for the occasion. And besides, I’m not sure I even want one. I just presumed.
But what if I did want to own a home on my own – who knew that the whole ‘own’ bit would have such a double meaning? Well, apparently I’d be a bit screwed, given that I hadn’t gone down the whole piggy bank route. Because in order to secure one of those 100 per cent mortgages you’re not allowed to buy a one-bedroom apartment. Nope, you have to go elsewhere – presumably the sticks as your budget is so low – and invest in a three-bed semi-d for you and the family you don’t have. Doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but that’s the way it is. Or was. It doesn’t really matter anymore now because, as mentioned, of the ongoing recession debacle. Poverty is the buzzword now, not property. And with work drying up and nobody sending cheques, methinks ’tis time to sign on and get rent allowance.


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