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Solo Stays In

Weathering the storm

Staying in has been the new going out now for so long that it’s time that going out became the new staying in again. But with the credit crunch and the recent spate of bad, bad weather, that’s not going to happen any time soon. In fact, between thunder and lightening and flash floods, the climate has become more of a deterrent than anything when it comes to our social lives. So we’re on hand to give you the dos and don’ts of how have a quiet night in, which sees you both saving money AND avoiding getting swept away in a storm.

Don’t bother having a bath. It’s a waste of hot water and you’ll simply end up looking like a prune. If you arrive home resembling a drowned rat, and if you really must warm or freshen up before you hit the couch, a short, sharp shower will do the trick.

Don’t bother renting a DVD either. The chances are you are paying for some selection of channels, so make use of them. We don’t mean you have to watch anything on RTE – but if you persist with the remote you will certainly find something to get engrossed in.

Don’t order a takeaway. Remember last month’s Solo Health explained to you exactly the kind of calories that are hidden in Indian and Chinese foods? Bear that in mind and instead prepare a simple, nutritious meal that will be easier on your heart and wallet in the long run.

Do light candles. They are cheap and cheerful, plus they’ll save on electricity while giving the illusion of warmth as a tornado goes past the window.

Do read a book. If you’ve channel-surfed and had no luck, switch off the TV and get stuck into a good novel. It’s a cheap way to pass the time, whilst being good for the mind as well.

Do treat yourself. The weather is appalling and you’re already saving money by being indoors, so splash out on some nice chocolate, ie Green & Blacks to soothe your sorry soul through the night.

Do have some good wine. Just as we pointed out why you should have above average chocolate, so too should you have some similar vino. You’re not throwing a drunken party so there’s no need for the penny-pinching trip to Aldi or Lidl this time. No, head to your local off licence for something a bit classier.

Do remember that this period of depression will pass. You’ll find this easier to believe after you’re starting sipping on the good wine. Things just seem black now because of the recession and the weather combined. We could probably have coped with one without the other, but it’s more difficult when the two are coming at us together. It’s just a test to see what we’re made of and believe me, we’ll come out the other side.


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