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David Walliams

david-walliams1David Walliams is the kind of guy who makes being single look like fun. As one of the campest straight men in showbiz, he has managed to become something of a sex god as well, with his reputation as a ladies’ man undeniably intact. Apart from any acknowledged relationships, he has been linked to Natalie Imbruglia, Patsy Kensit, Geri Halliwell and em, Abi Titmuss. Oh and Lisa Snowdon too, who also went out with George Clooney. Jeez, that one has a great time.
Anyway, born David Williams in Surrey in 1971 and raised in Bansted, he went on to become a member of the National Youth Theatre, which is where he met his Little Britain sidekick Matt Lucas, who of course he forged on ongoing partnership with. He studied drama at the University of Bristol, before changing his surname to Walliams when he joined the actor’s trade union, Equity – there was already a member named David Williams.
For a lothario, Walliams has a rather unusual past. At school he was apparently called Daphne because he would dress up as Wonder Woman and his own father nicknamed him Davinia because of his affectations. Then he didn’t have a girlfriend until he was 21. Mind you, he’s making up for it now, and despite his demeanour he is as straight as a dye.
“With me and Matt, it’s as if something got mixed up in the gene pool,” he said in a recent interview. “He ended up gay and liking football. I ended up straight, but liking dresses.”
He has lots of glamorous, female friends, he admits, but is now keen to settle down. What? Surely there would be any amount of volunteers.
“My work is not conducive to a stable relationship,” he added. “You get this amazing high when you’re on stage. But when you’re back in your hotel room at midnight, on your own, you do feel especially lonely.. I’ve been single for years – I haven’t had a girlfriend in a long time.”
He mightn’t have had a girlfriend in a while, but we suspect that hasn’t stopped him having a good time. He is certainly no desperado, and has even reached the upper echelons of stardom by acquiring himself a stalker – and no ordinary one at that. Essex girl Sarah Bartholomew recently admitted in court to harassing Walliams over a four-year period, sending him a stream of letters, e-mails and gifts and texting his agent saying ‘I need his baby’. When the judge pointed out that the former veterinary nurse was ‘obviously besotted’ with the comedian, she shouted back that ‘it is not because he’s a celebrity!’.
Now that Walliams – along with Lucas – look poised to crack the notoriously difficult US market, it would seem that the lad-ees’ man can continue to play the field for another while. Little Britain USA debuts stateside in September and no doubt Walliams’ quirky attractiveness will be a big hit with the Americans, who appear to have taken the oddly sexy Russell Brand to their bosom already. Speaking of Brand, the last time we checked he was in a relationship, which we don’t approve of at all. He’s much more interesting when he’s shagging women left, right and centre.

PS: Solo was tuned into the Ray D’Arcy show on Today FM the other morning and David Walliams was a guest. He was utterly divine – definitely the sexiest man we’ve come across in a while. And if hearing him on the radio wasn’t fabulous enough, we then SAW him on the streets of Dublin. There he was..ambling along Merrion Row looking every bit as dashing as he sounded earlier in the day. We are now in love. It was all we could do to stop ourselves running down the street after him. With his history of stalkers, we didn’t want to end up getting arrested.


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