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Solo Editor's Letter

Welcome to July’s Solo-magazine!

Issue 2: July 2008
Hi again everyone! Welcome to the July issue of Solo-magazine! This month it’s all about the recession…just kidding! Although there has been so much chitter chatter about the impending doom and gloom that we just had to jump on the bandwagon ourselves! So you will see a few mentions of the dreaded ‘r’ word in this month’s mag! For instance, we look at the organic food market and wonder if it’s just a passing fad for the wealthy, which the apparent economic downturn will make a thing of the past? And for those who are looking to tighten the purse strings, Solo Stays In gives its tips for throwing a recession party! Not a bad idea eh? But seriously, just as we have embraced singledom at Solo, we’ve decided to embrace the recession as well. It’s either that or throw ourselves into the Liffey. And besides, there’s no better time to be unattached than now, because it’s much cheaper to be single, a theory of ours that we will expand on another day!
Other features for July include our A to Z of what makes us Guaranteed Irish and a look at modern day break ups and how with mobile phones and the internet it’s sooo much harder to move on. Solo Style checks out festival fashion and Solo Sabbatical goes speed dating, while Solo Out On The Scene wonders why so many celebs these days are playing the gay card. And speaking of celebs, Solo And Famous profiles Renee Zellweger and Solo Tabloid Tales goes on a rant about the current level of trash that’s swirling around these days. That’s just some of what we have this month so get clicking to find out more. As usual we welcome all thoughts, opinions, ideas and queries so you have anything to say, let us know. A big thanks to everyone who logged on to read the first issue – it was a resounding success, something we hope will continue. Happy reading for July!

Karina Corbett


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