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Madness – welcome to their house

suggsTripod, June 18, 2008
There was nothing about this gig that wasn’t excellent. Held in the Tripod on Harcourt Street (which is a very impressive venue), it was almost an unlikely place for such a band. The Tripod itself is a venue designed to comfortably house the crowd who had joined in the fun. Most sensible people choose to get standing tickets (I mean, it’s Madness for goodness sake) and a few lost souls on the balcony moved along with those on the dance floor. The sounds were good and the fact that everybody had an excellent view was definitely a plus. The music would allow you to forgive that, but still, when Suggs is on stage, you have to be able to see.
So, what about Suggs? Most excellent specimen of male in the Tripod that night. Sorry lads, you were all very nice. Just he was wearing a suit. With no sweat pools. Such a man. And the music ? There just aren’t enough words to describe the amount of energy that was pouring out of the room onto Harcourt Street. The Gardai across the road were no doubt itching to join in, but duty called. It was all about the sharing of electricity between strangers, with beer on the ceiling (plastic cups with open tops really are a waste of time), black and white hats, ties and trousers, and shoes to match. Such careful precision in fashion saw the lads more in tune then the ladies, who had dressed down (anticipating the beer and the ceiling). And everybody knew the words, except a couple of Italian lads who sell wine during the day. But they knew the tunes and were loving it.
It was one hit after another – ‘One Step Beyond’, ‘Baggy Trousers’, ‘Our House’, ‘My Girl’s Mad At Me’. Ah, the memories. Looking at the boys on the stage was a blast from the past. Suggs looked exactly the same and moved precisely the way he did 15 years ago on Top of the Pops. The crowd had aged though, being about 30-years-old plus, and acting 15 years minus.
What can I say? It’s Madness. Lively it was. Fun it was. A keep fit class over two hours it was. Excellent stuff. Black hats, white shirts, ties. Fifteen-years-old again. Will there be a next time? Yes, indeed.


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