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Solo Goes Out

Brunch at the Brasserie

Table For One cheated this month, ie dined with some friends instead of eating alone.

The idea was Sunday brunch and the venue chosen was Brasserie Sixty6 on Dublin’s George’s Street – a new-ish restaurant that markets itself as ‘stylish, busy and noisy’, which boasts ‘great food and drink, fantastic surroundings, exciting atmosphere and reasonable prices’. That’s a lot of pluses we thought, but how did it rate in reality?
Well, it is certainly stylish, although in these modern times most places like are. It was also busy, but comfortably so – we didn’t feel crowded at our four-top but at the same time there was enough punters in there at 1pm to convince we were probably going to be fed something nice.
In any case, speaking of being fed, onwards to the menu, which didn’t disappoint in print at least. For a brunch offering, it’s very extensive in the sense that it’s not limited to a variety of egg dishes with bagels on the side. No, Brasserie Sixty6’s brunch features everything from sweet potato soup with pancetta, to crab claw cocktail (complete with Marie Rose sauce) to meatballs with tomato ragout. And that’s just for starters. The main course menu carries delectables such as pan seared fillet of sea trout, chive and pork sausage with mash and rotisserie chicken. Typical brunch fare is available too of course with Eggs Benedict/Florentine getting a mention, along with cinnamon and vanilla French toast, an open skillet full breakfast (‘with all the trimmings’) and the Sixty6 frittata with chorizo sausage, tomato, scallions, Gruyère cheese, hash browns and rocket. A nice selection of salads is on hand also for the less ravenous.
So, let’s begin with the positives – and there were many. The service was very good. In fact we might go so far as to say it was perfectly measured; attentive without being overbearing and not a hint of impatience in sight, which pleased our need to take our time. And now to the food. Two of us had the Sixty6 frittata (€12.45) and a good choice it was too by all accounts. It was nicely presented and very tasty, with lots of filling. Futhermore all the items that the menu said it would come with it were present and correct, which, unfortunately is not always the case. And the rocket salad was very too – again, not always the case.
The third member of our party had the open skillet full breakfast (€11.95), which, between mouthfuls, she said she ‘couldn’t fault’, particularly the homemade sausages. The whole dish was nicely filling, while still leaving room for the next course.
The same can’t be said of my choice of a Caesar salad (€12.50), which was – thankfully – far from filling because it was just not very nice. The lettuce appeared to have been plucked entirely from the core of the head and there simply was not enough chicken or dressing added to give it any sort of substance. And indeed the dressing – limited and all as it was – made no impression whatsoever. All in all, a bad choice. Still, three out of four aint bad and there was always the option of dessert.
We shared a bakewell tart with fresh strawberries and almond ice cream, a peach pie with puff pastry, raspberries and cream and warm banana bread with custard and caramel ice cream (all €6.95) and everyone was happy although the custard was really a cold gloopy lump on the top.
With coffees and a bottle of Pinot Grigio our bill came to €120, including tip, which at €30 each was quite reasonable. Would we go back? Yes. We wouldn’t be ordering the Caesar salad again of course, but we won’t hold let that be a reason for staying away.

Brasserie Sixty6 (www.brasseriesixty6.com )is located on George’s Street, Dublin 2, tel: +353 (0)1 4005878.


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