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Pub Crawler

A trip to the Market

There was no sign of the recession when Pub Crawler popped into the Market Bar on a recent Friday evening.

It was barely 6pm and hard to find a seat. Suffice to say that the place was hopping. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. Going in the door the smell coming from the men’s loos was momentarily off-putting, however this was swiftly replaced by a pleasant aroma of food, which clearly seduced quite a few of the many punters who were happily eating. We found a spot eventually and were pleased to discover there was an efficient table service to go with it.
If you fancy a glass of wine or two, the Market Bar is a good choice because they serve it from the proper bottle, as oppose to those screw cap quarter bottles, which have the power to both poison you and make you hideously drunk, all at the same time. In any case, we took advantage of our venue and had some very nice Sauvignon Blanc.
The crowd was mixed – it usually is in fact, perhaps because it’s such a big bar it attracts all sorts. From our seat we observed a couple clearly on a date, a bunch of very glamorous girls who looked like they were out for the night and a big group of middle-aged people who didn’t appear to know one another very well. Being innately nosey I tried to eavesdrop on their conversation in a bid to discover what had brought them all together in this setting, but my efforts were thwarted though by the high noise level. This is something I’ve noticed before about the Market Bar – it is incredibly loud. And not with the sound of music, but with the sound of people talking. So loud sometimes that you’re straining to hear the voices of those you’re sitting with. Again, this is probably something to do with its size. But hey, it would be worse if it was silent.
The menu carries a good range of starters and main courses and there’s plenty to choose from if you just want to nibble. The nachos are nice and tasty, without being show stopping, but steer clear of the olives if you don’t feel like being disappointed. You would think that it’s hard to go wrong with something as simple as olives, but the Market Bar’s offering is definitely not its best.
The service was spot on during the evening in question and if you can get over the olives and the broken hand dryers in the ladies’ toilets, you’d go back in a heartbeat. Oh, one more thing. If you are in high heels proceed with caution – the grate-like panels on the floor are a deathtrap for anyone wearing stilettos!

The Market Bar is located on Fade Street in Dublin 2, tel: +353 (0)1 6139094.


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