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Solo And Famous

George Clooney

george-clooneyHe nearly didn’t make the cut but the recent news that George Clooney was back on the market makes him a very perfect candidate for Solo And Famous. Solo was thrilled, of course, by this development – even if it’s still unconfirmed. Not that we harbour any illusions of hooking up with him any time soon mind. It’s more to do with the fact that he is infinitely more alluring as a permanent bachelor than he ever was when that Sarah Larson was hanging off him. And the fact that he is reportedly ‘relieved’ to have parted from the former cocktail waitress makes it all the more interesting.
Of course we might never have been alerted to the appeal of George Clooney were it not for his breakthrough role as Dr Doug Ross in medical drama ER. Previous to that he’d had bit parts in the likes of The Facts of Life and The Golden Girls, as well as a semi-regular role in sitcom Rosanne, where he sported a rather atrocious hairdo. In any case fast forward to 1994 and Clooney’s arrival on our screens as the slightly wayward, effortlessly sexy Dr Ross sealed his fate. Who could forget him in the pilot, when he rocked into County Hospital, dishevelled and fabulous? Not to mention that he was romantically linked to Nurse Carol Hathaway, who then tried to kill herself.
Dr Ross was the pediatrician with an edge, the doctor who cared too much about his patients and not enough about the women in his life. In other words, he had just enough bastard in him to make the ladies swoon and the men wish they were him.
George Clooney was born in Kentucky in 1961 and went on to attend Northern Kentucky University and the University of Cincinnati, without graduating from either. After surviving the 1980s on bit parts – he lived in a friend’s walk-in closet for a few months during his first year in Hollywood – he was 33 when he landed the ER role and became a bonafide actor, celebrity and sex symbol. He subsequently made the leap to the big screen, where he has alternated between big-budget studio movies and smaller, independent ventures, winning an Oscar along the way for his role in Syriana.
For a major star, one of the most attractive things about George Clooney is his seemingly healthy attitude to his own celebrity. Perhaps he’s just a good actor, but he genuinely seems to be the laid back cool guy he portrays and can be self-deprecating at the best of times. Neither does he appear to be afflicted by vanity, instead voicing an intention to age gracefully (Mickey Rourke take note).
“You don’t want to try to look younger because you’ll look wrong,” he has said. “You dye your hair, you look wrong. You wear a bad toupee, you look wrong. You wear make up to hide things, you get your eyes done, you look wrong.”
Now that Clooney is single again he can go back to embracing his bachelor status, which was something he had always seemed proud of. He famously bet Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer $10,000 each that he would still be unmarried and childless when he turned 40 in 2001. He won the bet.
“If anyone wants to make the same bet for when I’m 50,” he said that same year, “get in touch.”
He was actually married once – to actress Talia Balsam – but that was back in the late ’80s so we will forgive him. And while his relationship with Sarah Larson was looking alarmingly long term, it seems now that he’s back to his old self, which is a man whose most successful relationships appear to have been with his pets (he had a pot-bellied pig called Max for 18 years, as well as two bulldogs, who have all since died). Welcome home George!


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