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While we wouldn’t like to lump all pub and club bouncers into one negative heap, Solo can’t help but draw attention to an encounter one of our gal pals had at The Porterhouse in Phibsboro on a recent Friday night (technically the address is Cross Guns Bridge, Glasnevin, Dublin 9). She had been enjoying a late dinner and a glass of wine at her friend’s house around the corner, when they ran out of cigarettes. Yes, yes, we know – a dirty habit and all that. But that’s not the point. It was late, somewhere between 12.30 and 1am, when she strolled up to the entrance, where there wasn’t a customer or queue in sight – just two bouncers manning the doors. She went past the first one and was about to head inside the pub when the second one stopped her.
“Hi there. Are you a regular?”
“Em, yeah,” she responded. “I live down the road.”
A bit of an exaggeration, she admits. She might live nearby but she wouldn’t necessarily be frequently hanging out in the Porter House. Not when there’s much nicer bars in the area.
“You don’t look familiar,” said the bouncer. “It’s regulars only on a Friday and Saturday night.”
“I’m actually only going in to get cigarettes,” she sighed, holding up the change she had ready in her hand to put in the machine.
“We don’t sell cigarettes,” he responded.
She was tempted to tell him that she’d bought ciggies there before, but quickly realised it was hopeless. She was dealing with someone who was clearly bored, dissatisfied and unhappy with his lot in life. He even went so far as to direct her to the pub across the road where, he assured her, they would sell cigarettes there. Yes, of course they would – if they were open.
Do bouncers like this all graduate from one school? The Porter House is big and on the night in question it was rocking. Was every single person in there a so-called ‘regular’? We very much doubt it. And what does one have to do to become a regular – go there every single week night in order to get the coveted weekend pass?
Needless to say, our friend will not be going to the Porter House again any time soon. Ever, in fact. Not when you have the infinitely lovelier Hedigans and Smiths just a stone’s throw away, where they all but welcome you with open arms.

The largest selling newspaper in Poland is going to publish three special editions in Ireland to coincide with the country’s three pool games in the Euro 2008 Football Championship, starting June 7. Fakt, which has a daily circulation of more than 500,000 in Poland, will publish its three special Irish editions on Saturday June 7, Wednesday June 11 and on Saturday, June 14. The 24-page newspapers will be a mix of Polish and Irish news material, and they will be widely distributed throughout Ireland, with a focus on the cities of Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford.
The papers are distributed by Newspread Ltd. and will be available in all of the usual supermarkets and other outlets where the Polish community in Ireland is concentrated. The cover price will be €1.

Following sell out events in 2006 and 2007, this year’s Taste of Dublin promises to be even bigger and better hosting 20 of the capital’s top restaurants in the Iveagh Gardens from Thursday June 12 to Sunday June 15. Highlights for 2008 include the Drumm’s Chefs Demonstration Theatre, the O’ Brien’s Wine Fair, the Ballymaloe Cookery School and the Green & Black’s Chocolate Experience. Meanwhile, the inaugural Taste of Cork will take place in the historic setting of Cork City Gaol from Friday June 27 to Sunday June 29. Taste of Cork will celebrate 12 of the city’s finest restaurants, each cooking up their signature dishes for an expected 12,000 visitors from Ireland and overseas.
For more information visit www.tastefestivals.ie.


The Pictures’ summer season began with a screening of the Oscar winning Little Miss Sunshine last month. The monthly film club for over 55s was launched in January 2008 by axis Ballymun and Dublin City Council’s Arts Office, in association with The Irish Film Institute and access Cinema. Since January, axis Ballymun has screened a film each month of all genres and this summer it plans to show a comedy, romance, thriller and even a surprise film.
With over 120 members and new members joining all the time, next up on the season’s calendar is Casablanca, which will air on June 30 at 2.30pm. Members are also invited to the axis café for lunch prior to the films.


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