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Priscilla Dinan

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The Green Room Bar

The Green Room Bar beside the O2 is a perfect pre or post-concert venue, writes Priscilla Dinan. There is something very tragic about not having plans on a bank holiday Saturday night. Akin to sitting in on New Years Eve, for whatever reason, it’s pathetic. In this case, it was supposed to be a deliberate […]

A design for life

A recent graduate from Portobello Institute’s Fashion Buying and Merchandising course, and also the winner of the Harvey Nichols Design Competition, Carla Donnelly is only 18 and on the way up. Priscilla Dinan meets her. George Bernard Shaw once referred to fashion as an induced epidemic Just as disease spreads fast, so too does office […]

All aboard the MV Cill Airne!

As novelties go, the MV Cill Airne is in a league of its own, Situated on the North Wall Quay, just opposite The Convention Centre at Spencer Dock this boat has more to offer than your typical tavern. Having moved to the Docklands area recently, I was starting to panic at the apparent lack of […]

Holiday at home with a staycation

No matter what the product – when it comes to marketing, I’m an advertisers dream. Currently gracing billboards around the country is Moher Man replete with demented expressions. He is currently the face of 7up Free and its campaign to get behind the Cliffs of Moher as one of the seven wonders of nature. I […]

8 Remembering Doc Martens (and rejoicing at their return)

Let’s play a game of word association, where if I name an item of clothing, you name the music subculture or band it’s come to be identified with. So… Tartan trousers – punk rock and Sex Pistols? School uniform shorts – old school rock and AC/DC? Bling jewellery – rap and 50 Cent? Red bomber […]

The wonders of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is one of those cult products featuring regularly in magazines as something that no girl should be without, says Priscilla Dinan. While it’s been 70 years since the cream was created, I personally came across Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream just two years ago, while doing a course in make-up […]

The ’80s are back with Ladyhawke

The Academy, February 5, 2009 It all started over an idle Tuesday lunch with a friend in the Dandelion in Dublin 2. Having bent the ears off my lunch buddy (by moaning about how my social life had become an unchanging snore fest) I was invited to attend a Ladyhawke gig at the Academy. Raging […]