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The wonders of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream is one of those cult products featuring regularly in magazines as something that no girl should be without, says Priscilla Dinan.

elizabeth-ardenWhile it’s been 70 years since the cream was created, I personally came across Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream just two years ago, while doing a course in make-up artistry. And the reason for its success? It’s a hardworking, versatile, multi-tasking balm. Apparently it works so well as a skin healing salve, Miss Arden once used it on her thoroughbred horses legs. Its name came into being after a client of Miss Arden used it on her child’s scraped knee and ‘eight hours later’ the skin had healed. Here are a few examples of how it works:

Lips – it makes an excellent lip balm. Also, used over lipstick, it can be used as a gloss.

Eyes – a little dab over eyebrows helps keep them in place. Apply some to the eyelashes for a conditioning effect a la Natalie Imbruglia. Make-up artists sometime put a little on models eyelids to give a nice sheen. It may also be used over eyeshadow to really make eyes pop. It can be used too as emergency eye make-up remover, working especially well on waterproof mascara. Just be careful not to drag the delicate skin around the under eye area.

Cheeks – used over your blusher provides a highlighting effect.

Hands – use to soften cuticles and hangnails. Left on for a few hours with cotton gloves results in baby soft hands.

Feet – as with hands, leave overnight with cotton socks for smooth feet.

Legs – apply some post- shaving to prevent dry skin.

Face in general – as an in-flight beauty mask, it provides an unmatched moisture boost.

Body in general – it makes an excellent after-sun product, soothing and encouraging skin to repair itself quickly.

On top of all the above, a little goes a long way and it has a three-year expiry date from date of opening. It’s also a unisex product. David Van Day of I’m a Celebrity fame (and ex-Dollar frontman) has claimed not to be able to live without it, admitting to taking it with him wherever he goes. Admittedly, Van Day is no oil painting but men can use it as a moisturising balm, especially after shaving.
By creating this wonder cream, Liz Arden could easily have reverted back to her birth name – Florence Nightingale Graham. Only a nurse could create such a product, putting paid to the question – what’s in a name?


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